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We are pleased to share with you a few of the many kind words and positive experiences players, parents and coaches have had with ES Hockey. Thank you! If you have any comments about your child's experience with ES Hockey Training, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email:

    I have worked with Jamie Israel for the past 3 years during summer training. He has really helped with my skating posture, speed, gap control and pivots. Thanks Issy,

    Dennis Wideman - Calgary Flames

    Jamie Israel and ES Hockey Training Inc teaches hockey how it was meant to be played. Jamie emphasizes a very respectful game. He ensures that every shift has to be played 100 percent, mentally, and physically. Jamie focuses on separating the player from the puck, not an attempt to injure the opposition. Jamie knows how to get a competitive confident effort out of his players. It was a real pleasure to be part of Jamie's sessions and work with the kids.

    Ben Fanelli- Kitchener Rangers

    As a parent you want the best opportunities and chances for your child. With so many hockey camps and summer programs out there it is a struggle to know if you made the right choice when registering and paying for a development program. With ES Hockey Training I have quickly learned that their programs are created to maximize player development and to have fun within the game. The camps are fast paced, intense and rigorous. The players learn work ethic, experience new drills and get a feel for what it takes to get to the next level.

    The instructors themselves are very friendly and are always excited to see the players develop. You can easily see the staff investment and engagement in their camps and the entire training experience. If you are looking for a great group to assist with player development on or off the ice I have no hesitation in recommending ES Hockey Training to others. Your sons and daughters will not be disappointed.

    Shawn Gilhula
    Parent, Team Manger, AAA Executive Member

    Our son recently completed his first hockey school ever at ES Hockey Training and we were thoroughly impressed. Jamie and Anna run a professional program that helps to give the children not only strong hockey fundamentals but also instills good values and ethics. As parents we appreciate a program where there is strong supervision, the children are constantly active, routine and messages are positive and consistent and manners are emphasized as much as stick handling and power skating. Our son found the drills challenging yet engaging. The instructors were kind and treated all children as equals yet individuals. Our son loved the variety of drills, the amount of ice time in the scrimmages and the games played on the last day. There was a marked improvement in our son at the end of only one week and the 1/2 day format was the perfect length for engagement and routine. Thank you

    Sandor and Lauren Fulop

    Jamie, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the amazing camp this past week. I was so impressed with how the players were skating and playing hard the whole time. It was very exciting to watch the parents up in the stands as well. I have never seen parents cheering in a camp, but they were in this one. They were clapping and whistling for the amazing plays and successes of each player out there. You and your amazing staff made each player push themselves to their full potential. I was very impressed with each instructor's lesson and how the kids followed each drill with great certainty. The fast pace was outstanding and a huge part of the discussion amongst all of the parents. i was very fortunate to be able to watch one of the sessions at Redline and was so impressed with the organization of the staff and the discipline that the group showed. The boys came out of Redline sweating and smiling. The gains that each player in this week achieved were very noticeable. Thank you very much to Peter Deboer, Steve Spott, Brad Sparkes and of course you Jamie. This camp has been a great jump start to Mason's season.

    Mark Hardy

    Hi Dan,

    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the work you did with our goalies Colton and Jackson this past season.

    The entire coaching staff saw huge gains in the kid's development almost immediately after you began working with them. When you were attending our practices, the kids came focused and ready to work and had fun while working really hard in the process. The goaltender position is a position that requires a specific set of skills that are very different to that of a forward or defenseman and often get overlooked by coaches during practice unless you have a goalie specific coach on staff; we didn't have that luxury so you were able to fill that void for us – and then some!

    You introduced "thinking the game" to the boys, something that up until this stage of their development they hadn't been exposed to but proved to be an integral part of their development this season. Your commitment to the kids by coming to watch their games and providing written feedback to them is also a testament to your interest in their development and your professionalism.

    It is my opinion that the development of the goalies was a significant contributing factor to the overall success of the team this past season.

    Thank you!
    Tim Holmes
    Kitchener Major Peewee AA Head Coach

    Dear Jamie and Anna, Daniel was fortunate to have two camps with you this summer; power skating and the full day camp. Daniel has never been excited about power skating but each day he looked forward to getting on the ice. He truly enjoyed the drills and activities presented each day. He still talks about the use of parachutes and resistance in the power skating camp. He enjoyed your full day camp just as much. Every morning he couldn't wait to go to camp and was ready early . The staff were kind and developed relationships with Daniel. We knew he was working hard as he didn't have much energy in his nights. Dan states one of his favorite moments was playing hockey baseball with the 'mystery goalie'. He is looking forward to next year camp and asking when we can register already.

    Marsha Krueger

    Great sessions with the boys this week. Jack and Matt love the drills, especially the battle drills and puck races. Your sessions are challenging, the boys have to work hard every rep, improving their conditioning and confidence. The boys are looking forward to seeing you again next year.

    Peter DeBoer
    Head Coach
    New Jersey Devils

    Jamie, The combination of conditioning, skill development and scrimmage is exactly what he needed in preparation for the upcoming season. By adding guest instruction throughout the week it gave the kids an opportunity to hear a different voice and understand what drills are being done with their professional and junior programs. Again thank you, your commitment to detail is unrivalled.


    Working with Jamie on the ice helps in a lot of different ways and benefits your game tremendously. Not only is every drill done at high speed, you are always moving your feet and practicing your skills. Jamie's drills are unique and different then what you do in a team practice, basing his drills on hard work, puck skills using your edges to your advantage. Every session with Jamie is taught with the same intensity, every shift / every shot, go hard. If you are trying to improve your game on the ice in many different ways, I 100% recommend working with Jamie.

    Michael Catenacci
    Kitchener Rangers, Team Captain

    Thank you Coach Jamie for running such an amazing program. Marcus had so much fun..he said it was extremely challenging but he learned so much! Last fall we discussed camp for this summer and he said he wanted to go to Coach Jamie's summer camp. He decided he wanted to be challenged and you were the only one who could provide that :) too cute. The things kids say. Hope you and your family are having a super fun summer and your taking some time away. Thank you again.

    Lisa Msuya

    Hey Issy, Boy you have a way with kids! Avery asked as soon as we left if she can do another camp. I appreciate you asking Ben to come out he loved it! The boys you have working for you also do a great job and also make it fun for the kids! Looking forward to Wolfpack this yr. See you in 2 weeks for Bens camp!

    Rick Morton

    Dear Jamie, Anna and ES staff, This was the first year my son Ben has attended your summer hockey camp. He said it was by far his favourite hockey camp! You all really take the time to get to know the players. The level of hockey expertise and work ethic is exceptional. Thanks for making it an amazing week!

    Anita Willms (Riddall)

    Hi Jamie, We can't thank you and Anna enough for organizing and running such a great program. Miguel and Xavier love spending time and learning from you and your staff. See you next week! Miguel will be there to fill in as goalie.


    Thank you and Anna for yet another amazing week of hockey training for Jack, as well as the great compassion that was shown to him on Friday when he wasn't feeling well. We are grateful for the care he was given when we where not able.


    Dear Jamie and Anna,
    I cannot express to you enough the gratitude I have for both of you.

    Jamie, you have shown my twins compassion, strength, energy, hardwork and most of all friendship. Although they come to you to strengthen their skills in hockey, you always have a moment for them to find out about everything else going on with them. They have both come so far since starting with you 6 years ago!! I can’t believe it’s been that long but it has. You challenge them every year and every session. You are an incredibly remarkable man and we are all blessed to have you part of our lives.

    Anna, you are an amazing woman! Not only are you always there with a smile for the parents and kids but you are there supporting Jamie and always so busy with your own kids as well.

    The Peppas family is truly blessed to have met you both and we will always support you now and in the future!!
    Penny K. Peppas

    Hey Jamie, Keegan had a great experience at the tryout camp. The drills were awesome and I loved that you had an element of compete in every session. I appreciate the immediate feedback that you give the players, it allows for correction to happen right away. Keegs can't wait until summer camp.
    Take care,
    Shawn Weatherdon

    Hi Jamie, Our thanks go out to you and Anna and all the instructors for making this such a great week! You run a fantastic camp. The kids are always moving and working hard. You earn the respect of each and everyone of those kids and are a great role model! Most importantly you make it FUN. Nick had a great time and we look forward to training with you at Wolf Pack.

    Thank You
    Marty Basler

    Hi Jamie, just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. Mitch thinks the world of you and your camps after doing the pre tryout, the body checking, and now the bantam AAA camps. I can see the development and look forward to seeing what he does this season….worth every penny and we will be back for more. Please let us know when you are running more camps.
    Thanks again!

    Stephen LaFay

    Jamie and Anna, I am writing to you to thank you for creating and offering such an incredible hockey camp. My three boys enjoyed the camp so much that they didn't want it to end!

    I was fortunate enough to have time to watch my sons for part of the day each day of the five days they attended and I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of the experience. Jamie, Ben, Dan and the other instructors were kind, considerate and very helpful. They demonstrated the drills then allowed the kids to practice to the best of their abilities. I liked the way the instructors would stop the kids to correct them if they were completing the drills incorrectly. I particularly liked the way Jamie would explain little nuances of hockey and skating skills, things that might get overlooked with coaches.

    The instructors made an effort to form a bond with each and every child and made sure to communicate with them daily. The dryland training offered the kids an opportunity to work on their strength and conditioning while having a lot of fun with the instructors and new friends that they made over the course of the week. My sons also enjoyed the food that was offered for lunch and they were thankful to have Gatorade and water to drink during the day.

    Anna was so helpful and polite and assisted the children in so many ways - it was like they had a mother figure who would attend to their individual needs when necessary.

    The ES Hockey team has managed to strike that perfect balance. They provide high-quality hockey instruction, demand that the kids work hard and insist that the kids have a lot of fun while doing it. Congratulations on creating a successful formula and I'll be sure to recommend your camps to anyone who is looking for a similar product.

    Thank you, again, and hopefully my sons will be fortunate enough to attend next year.
    Mark Cline

    Hi Jamie, We won the Kitchener Oktoberfest Tournament on the weekend. Beat Burlington, the top team in our league twice to do it. Things are coming together and you're a big part of it. Bauer was the tournament sponsor and the boys were all given a Bauer stick, custom ordered and the tournament picked Hayden as our MVP and he got a new pair of custom ordered Bauer skates as well. Pretty exciting stuff!!

    See you at the next session,

    Nick Armstrong
    New Hamburg Huskies Atom A

    Hi Jamie and Anna,
    The Petzold family just wanted to say thank you for another fantastic camp! Cole came home excited every day, (and tired J), and couldn't wait to tell us about all of the action-packed hockey / activities that he was involved in. It is truly amazing what a difference a week at your camp can make. Just as a side note…Cole was participating in a power skating school a couple of days a week before coming to ES…and was in the #4 group. (Groups 1-6 with 6 being the most "advanced"…) His first day back at power skating after ES…they bumped him up to Group 6!! He was thrilled!!!

    Cole truly adores you both….Thanks again and looking forward to returning next year.
    Tim & Shawna Petzold

    Hey Jamie My son just completed his week at the 2014 Pee Wee Conditioning camp and before that he also was fortunate enough to attend the week long Power Skating camp with you and Ben. My son is only now realizing the value of excellent training and enjoyed immensely both weeks. I know during the power skating he discovered leg muscles he has never used before ! Although the work was rigorous both you and Ben make it so enjoyable for young people. Your work with young developing players is outstanding. I thank you for assisting us the parents with instilling a good work ethic in our kids.

    Robert Gibson

    Jamie: Thank you for allowing Brendan to participate in your camp. He absolutely enjoyed your approach and teaching. His testimonial is something like this: "The camp was professionally run and very high tempo the entire week. They run NHL style drills with Los of passing and shooting."

    Thanks again. He hopes to have the opportunity next year.

    Jamie, Ethan enthusiastically participated in your Defense and Pee Wee Camp. The energy was high and always in a positive atmosphere. The individual and tactical skills Ethan learned will continue to help him develop, and play the game with enjoyment.

    Jason & Julie Wadel

    Hi Jamie,
    "We appreciate the top quality instruction and professionalism of ES Hockey. My son always enjoys attending your programs because they help improve his game in a challenging, focused - yet fun environment with a great instructor to player ratio. He has attended others camps when yours were full and they don't compare. Thank you Jamie!"

    Hi Jamie
    In Brooke's first game after the ES camp she scored a hat trick and an assist. 2 of the goals were unassisted and 1 was a solo end to end rush that ended with the puck in the top shelf of the net. I have never seen her so confidant.
    Thanks for taking such good care of Brooke she loves your camp and your mentoring

    Jamie was a fantastic role model and positive influence during the entire week that our son attended the Defense camp. His drills were new and fresh and my son had a blast the entire time he was there...something that he has not often experienced in the past. We loved the fact that Jamie and his assistants were always there with a positive word or constructive correction as soon as something was done...not leaving it to the end of the session...creating an atmosphere of learning through fun and challenging drills with kids over a few ages also promoted a place to strive to compete as well as role model for those that were younger. Even though it was over two hrs away from where we live, we will definitely attend again!

    Thanks, The Myers Family

    Hi Jamie, The week is half over and our son Cian is LOVING your program. According to him, your drills are hard and complicated, but fun! Looking forward the last half of the program.


    Hi Jamie, I wanted to thank you for a great week. My son Ben, is 9 years old and came home everyday excited to tell me about what he had learned that day. He said he was looking forward to applying the tips and tricks in his games this season. He asked if he can go again next year. Thanks again!


    Hi Jamie, Scott really enjoyed the session today! This is his first session with your group and it is already his favourite hockey training program. The first thing Scott told his Dad when he got home from work was how much fun ES was and that he liked it a lot. Good pace of hockey training with lots of feedback during the training and scrimmage too. Thanks!

    Looking forward to a great week! Jane.


    Now that the season is over I wanted to take the time to say thank you. The boys have told me several times how much they enjoyed working with you and that they have learned a lot this year. I especially appreciate the fact that you took the time to come watch them in games and those game notes were great. I don't think there is enough emphasis on goalies and I can say as a goalie parent having someone like you out on the ice working with them during practice is crucial to there development.

    Thank you again,
    Jason Mooney
    Kitchener Jr Rangers Minor Peewee A

    I am passing this message onto you from Aidan...."this camp has been one of the best camps I have ever been to." I would also like to say that the teaching that Ben has been doing with the players continues to elevate their game in a positve way. I really enjoy seeing the fresh new drills done at high tempo but feedback is given right on the spot! The attention to detail in a positive way really builds the player as a hockey player and as a great person. Thanks for caring!

    BTW I love seeing the high tempo drills you do with the 3 bigger players at the other end of the ice!!! Amazing where hockey has gone to since I played!

    Tim Annett

    Hi Jamie,

    As a first time skater in your camp, we were very happy with how Brettt came home every day telling us he was having fun and learning a lot. He always had a new skill to tell us about, and how he was put with the older kids a one point! We would definately sign up for one of your camps again in the future!

    Thanks to Anna, as I know behind the scene is where most of the work is done!
    Thanks again,
    Jill and Allie Talbot

    Hello Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that I signed with the Orangeville Jr. A Flyers last night. Thank you for everything you have done for me the last years. I could not have gotten to where I am without your help.

    Thanks, Weppler Wyatt

    I just wanted to say thank-you for your time today. Mitchell really enjoyed it, and I was impressed in how you repeated instructions with patience. Mitchell commented on that himself, as he sometimes needs clarity more then other kids. You kept him engaged and encouraged, I just want to say I appreciate that.

    I hope to get Mitch in your next session.

    Shane Britton

    Hi Jamie, This was our son Cole's first experience with hockey camp......and he loved it!! Actually said he wished it was all summer!!! Thanks for making it such a great experience for him...

    Tim & Shawna Petzold

    Hi Jamie and Anna, A really big thank you to you both for running such a great camp for the kids. I can't say enough how Noah enjoyed the camp this year. He set his own alarm clock to make sure he was up and ready to go each morning and most of the time he was up without it so excited to attend. He always talked about what he did that day and how good the lunch was that was provided each day. Thanks for keeping him safe, having fun and encouraging and being a great leader to the kids.

    Hope to see you at the rink.
    Take care for now,
    Andrea Giovinazzo

    The opportunity to be on the ice and learn from individuals that coach/teach at the highest levels of hockey is a dream come true for our son. Not only did Pete and Steve push the boys to improve, they taught them the right way to play the game.
    A great week!

    Troy Stephens

    Hi Jamie, I just wanted to drop you a short note to give my thanks and extend my gratitiude for yet another super camp. Every time my boys have attended your camps they have both raved about them, and I as a parent have nothing but good things to say. The facilitites, the quality and pace of instruction, the level of discipline, the exercise outfits and jerseys are all excellent.
    Thanks again for a great experience.

    Jim Ramsay

    Jamie, Thanks for all the sessions this summer. Carter learned a lot and improved his conditioning & foot speed etc. You are by far the best instructor out there for high intensity on ice training! Your passion for it really shows.
    See you at the rink!

    Russ Lennon

    Thanks Jamie and Ben,and all ES hockey staff. Cole has had an amazing summer! This is Coles first year with ES hockey. Cole decided that he wanted to try out for AAA this year in Kitchener for the first time! We put Cole in your Spring try out camp! He learned so much and had so much fun! ES Hockey believed in Cole and your whole staff is amazing! Cole went on to try out in April and brought with him the skills and positivity that you taught him! Cole is now a Kitchener Jr Ranger and will be playing on the min peewee AAA team! Cole continued with ES hockey all summer in different programs, he has learned so much and ES has installed confidence and skills and kept his love for the game strong! Coles last session with Es will be the pee wee conditioning camp, and he is pumped! We will be back next summer for sure!!!Thanks guys

    Jeremy and Tara Schuitema

    As special thanks to Jamie for his effort with our young boys this past spring. The 2006 kids came away with a new found interest in hard-work and discipline. After our session with Jamie, numerous parents who were watching in the stands approached me and said what a wonderful job he did. Thanks again Cooper is looking forward to his camp in August.

    Bill Gaul

    Hey Jamie

    We would like to thank you for an excellent power skating camp this past week. Our son, Eric Kane, loved being on the ice with you and all your instructors. He really looked up to everyone and was challenged and pushed in an extremely positive environment. He looked forward to it every morning. He is anxiously awaiting his camp with you later this summer at Wilmot Rec centre the last week of August. Your camps have instilled in him the "love" of the game and the joy of physical fitness off the ice as well, He will be well prepared to play hockey this year in Woolwich.

    Excellent job all around !
    Thanks to you and your staff. Highly recommended !

    Martin and Carla Kane

    Hi Jamie,

    Last weekend was a time of celebration, thanksgiving, and reflection. We recognize that many individuals contributed to Stephen's success in being drafted to the OHL this past weekend. Stephen benefited from the many great sessions that you offered to our team and in hockey camps over the last several years. Thanks again for offering such a wonderful product that benefits the hometown boy.

    The Gibsons

    Jamie, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the great Spring Tryout camp that you are putting on. Mason leaves the ice with soaked hair, a red face and asking when do I get to go back? You have an amazing leadership ability to make every kid on the ice work their hardest and understand exactly what you are teaching them. You are very aware of every player on the ice and when you see the opportunity to correct or compliment, you take it, and always with the greatest encouragement.

    You can see how each player on the ice reacts and listens intently to the direction that you are giving. I believe that Mason always leaves the rink after each of your sessions with a greater knowledge and desire for the game. Thanks for all that you are doing with him.

    Mark Hardy

    Hi Jamie, I just wanted to touch base with you as Tim wraps up his first year in rep hockey. He came close in the past to securing such an opportunity, but his commitment last summer, when combined with your instruction, encouragement, and ability to connect with him was the formula that resulted in his success. It was a great year of hockey for him, and he knows the role you played in making it possible. He loves the game, and that really is the most important thing, and you've assisted in building this connection with hockey as well. He looks forward to seeing you this summer at one of your camps.


    Just a follow-up that Casey is having a great year on a AE rep peewee team. He has really come into his own. We owe a big thank-you to your camps. Your attention to detail, and instructor to player ratio are great. His level of play and confidence has greatly improved. It has been a pleasure watching him mature and develop as a young hockey player. Should also add that he is having fun and has a great love for hockey. Thank-you very much and we will see you in a camp again soon!

    Terry McDougall

    'Jamie thank you for taking the time to speak with our Coaches within AMHA. (Ayr Minor Hockey) Each level of our assciated Coaches learn much in one evening. All comments were positive and well received. ES Hockey has got the answers for today's Hockey Associations and all Coaches should here this talk on, "Effective Practices".'

    Thank you,
    Tim Hart VP of Hockey AMHA

    Good morning Jamie, Just an FYI that Isabella had made the Wilmot Wolverine novice B rep team this year. Thanks to excellent training of ES Hockey, this helped her become more skilled and reach her goal to play rep. We will definitely be joining your camp again next summer.
    Cheers, Chris Davidson

    Jamie, Our two boys had the opportunity to attend a total of 7 camps with ES Hockey in 2012. I can confidently state that ES Hockey "Gets It". The core values you and your experienced staff personally teach, demonstrate and integrate captured the attention of our two boys. The attention to player development and reasons behind correct procedures was a pleasure to observe. We have had the two boys attend other instructors and to date ES Hockey is the best! We will see you at future campsJ
    Thanks, John Barr

    Hi Jamie, I would like to start off by saying great camp. My daughter Isabella enjoyed every minute there, and was excited to go back day after day. Thank you to you and your staff, I noticed improvements in her skills and now she enjoys the game even more. It was a very well organized and professional yet a fun atmosphere. You can bet Isabella will be joining your camps next summer as well. Thank you and your staff again and have a great season.


    Jamie: Thanks for another fantastic camp. Nolan really enjoyed it, so much so that he didn't realize how hard he was working - he came home exhausted every night. I watched the scrimmage Friday aftn and couldn't believe the pace and how his skill level had improved. Hopefully he will get a chance to work with you more throughout the season.

    BTW, the bodychecking clinic was very well done too.

    Regards, Gerbs

    Thanks Jamie, As I have said, both the boys enjoyed your camps. Some of their comments:

    "I don't mind doing drills with Jamie, because he makes it fun. He pays attention to me on the ice and gives me pointers to improve my game. It's not just about everyone doing the same drills, just to do a drill and put in the time."

    "Jamie's camp is great because he teaches you really well in the drills. He pays attention to what we really need to learn. It makes the learning part easier because everyone knows they should listen and not goof off. It also leaves more time for the scrimmage. Jamie knows that's what makes hockey fun!!"

    "Jamie's camp is fun, but it was even better when we got to skate with NHL Coach Pete DeBoer!! I wonder who he will have come out to skate with us tomorrow...ha ha ha."

    Above all, we like to see that the kids are having fun and learning. It was nice to see that even though the kids had some free time before pick-up, they were organized in a safe place to do some kid organized, adult supervised activities.

    It seems like you put in as much effort for the kids as you expect to see from them. This makes for a very fun learning environment!!

    Thanks again,

    Hi Jamie, I would just like to thank you for running such a great camp for the kids. My son Noah loved his week of camp and every night when I picked him up he was so excited to tell me something new he had learned or had done that day. I also wanted to thank you and all your staff - they were all great to speak to and it is such a relief to feel at ease dropping my son off for the day knowing that he is well cared for.

    Hope to see you again soon.
    Take care,
    Andrea Giovinazzo

    Hi Jamie, You have no idea how much Matthew (Roth) enjoyed his week at your camp. I would pick him up after work and he go on and on how it the best camp and dry land he has every done! He want me to sign him up for a couple of weeks next year. Jamie you have influenced Matthew and many other hockey players of all level in so many ways, your passion, drive, and the love of game shows in every camp or program you run!

    Thank you Maria and Greg Roth

    Hi Jamie, Just a quick thanks and to let you know Sam thoroughly enjoyed his week – said "Jamie's hockey camp is THE BEST"! Sam enjoys both the program – on and off-ice – and the environment, which he finds both supportive and fun. We know his week at your hockey camp will have prepared him well for AA tryouts next week.

    Thanks to you and your staff!

    Thank you to you Jamie for once again making the camp enjoyable, it is really you who is a pleasure to learn from as the boys relate to you and your firm and positive way of instruction. A testament to your good work is that they keep coming back year after year, even this late in their hockey career.


    Jamie, I would like to personaly thank you for invieting Jordan to your camp this past week. He really enjoyed his time on the ice and making some new friends along the way. He actually go to play with a couple of his new teamates (Joseph Serpa & Ben McFarlan). This will be his first time playing "AAA" hockey. We have par taked in many other hockey camps/lessons and I have to admit that your camp is second to none. Between yourself and your staff your attention to detail is amazing teaching the kids in every aspect of the game. We truely enjoyed our time and would love to come back whenever you are conducting another camp. Take care Jamie and enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

    With Thanks
    Murray Wiegand

    Jamie, Big thanks for taking Ben at the last minute for the camp. Ben said it was the best camp he has ever been too. Learned a ton with the drills in the first hour and had a bunch of fun in the scrimmages. He said the coaches would help him with positions during the scrimmages.
    Thanks again

    He is such a big fan of yours

    Hi Jamie, Thanks for letting Clayton skate with you this past week. Being on the ice with some older and better players really helped him. His confidence has improved and he is definitely ready for is tryouts this week.

    Chris Krawchyk

    Hi Jamie, Samuel enjoyed the camp and got a great deal out of the experience. I, along with many parents, appreciate your direct approach with the hockey players you work with.


    Hi Jamie, Ella is really enjoying her first camp with you this week! Both our girls (Ella and Ava) are attending your end of Aug camp as well. Your energy on the ice and advice to defense and forwards is outstanding- your attention to detail and amazing tips/insights will greatly benefit our daughter. We think Ben is doing a great job too.

    Thanks for all your efforts this week!!

    Tyson had a great time at your camp Jamie. He is already looking for other sessions that he can attend with you. You can count him in for next year's summer camp as well!


    Thank you Jamie! You are a fantastic coach that puts so much enjoyment into playing hockey and learning new skills. You make it fun for everyone! I love that you motivate, encourage and interact with all kids to achieve their potentials and focus on bringing out the best in everyone. Carter loved your camp and said it was the best camp ever....he can`t wait to participate again!

    Take Care,
    Lisa A.

    Hi Jamie. Colt had a great time at ES Hockey camp! He enjoyed the mix of golf and hockey and found the instructors to be both tough and fun. He's already asking about next year.

    Thanks! Lisa

    Hey Jamie, Thanks for the mothers day wishes!!!!! Jared was the first one to kiss me today!!! Jamie I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact you have had on Jared! After many years in minor hockey ......2 boys...I must say you have sparked something in him!!! Many coaches have crossed our lives, many styles, many ages and many philosophies!!!!!! But you have really ignited something in a perfect time in his career! Its Jamie Jamie Jamie and postit notes stuck all over my house!!!!!! I know you have only know him for two weekends now but I just felt compelled to tell you that you have really left a mark! Your positive words of wisdom, life experiences shared......and great one liners that he has shared with us have gone a long way! If our paths don't ever cross again I just wanted to say keep doing what you are doing you are very good at it! It is a big year coming up and you have made his attitude even more focussed on his goal!!!!

    Thanks again for being such a great MENTOR!!!
    Lori Marino...........Hockey Mom!!!!!

    Hey Jamie, It's Angus here, I'd just like to say thanks again for enriching my minor hockey career as much as you did in the short time you had as my coach, it was greatly appreciated. I'm also excited to announce that this upcoming regular season I will be a member of the 97 AAA Brantford 99'ers! It's a great bunch of guys and things are looking good so far.

    And yes I'm doing all I can to mantain that average that you recomended we get,
    - Angus

    Hi Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that Tyler got signed last night to KJR MB AAA team. One of the first things Ty said when we got in the car was "Mom, can you please email Jaime and let him know". Trev and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for providing Ty with the best training as well as for being his mentor and guide. Training is one thing but Ty listens to you, respects you and looks up to you and that for us is more important than drills and skills.

    Once again THANK YOU!

    See you at the rink soon.
    Kind Regards,
    Laura Lee

    Jamie, we would like to thank you for organizing such a great program! There are many people running hockey programs, but to me what separates you from them is YOU! Ty really looks up to you and got alot out of the ES sessions he did. You were out there and visible and really show you care about each player which is so important from a parents point. You have a genuine interest to see each player improve and work on their strengths and weaknesses.

    Have a great weekend,
    Michelle Brenner

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks so much for your time in working with Emma this past weekend and last. She really enjoyed the camp and asked to get in on some other things you may have going so we will have a look. She is excited about tryouts and we will be sure and let you know how it works out. Thanks again. I love what your doing with the kids.


    Hi Jamie
    Just wanted to let you know that Sam thought the sessions were excellent! Thanks for being so motivating.


    I just wanted to say that Tyson really enjoyed your camp. I was very impressed with your level of training as well as your instructor student ratio. I will definitely be brining Tyson back to ES Hockey Training.

    Chris Hergott

    Hi Jamie, I just wnted to thank you for the two great sessions this week over March Break, Jakob really enjoyed them! I really think he got alot out of them, Jakob had a great game last night against Woodstock, he was more focused and confident in his play which was nice to see. We will be looking into your summer camps for sure.

    Thanks again, Kathleen

    On behalf of Twin Centre Minor Hockey, I would like to thank you for the invaluable training you have contributed to our association over the past three months. The passion, hockey knowledge and the ability to teach skills to a variety of ability levels sets ES Hockey apart. There is no question your skills development programs have been a major factor in TCMHA having some of the best on ice results in their history, including an International Silver Stick Championship and an ISS Finalist.

    You and the staff of ES Hockey have not only done a phenomenal job in skill development, but you have created an environment that the players thoroughly enjoy. When players are asking when the next skill session is, you know you are doing a great job. Keep up the great work! We look forward to the next session.

    Dave Hartin
    TCMHA Director, Player Development

    Jamie, Just wanted to let you know that Jake has 15 points in 7 games. Playing at the AAA level he is at a point in his hockey season where he needs to produce. The intensity of the sessions, your attention to detail, hockey wisdom and knowledge are perfect for his development. Your ability to send him to the "next level" has happened, and just in time for playoffs - when it matters most! Thanks a ton.

    Joe Cascagnette

    Hi Jamie, Nothing but great comments. Everyone enjoys the intensity and drills - this is coming from the kids. The parents like how hard they are working. Get my kid to turn tighter and go after rebounds. I watched both ends today and liked the action. Your end had very good use of the entire ice and long quick shots, walk-outs ..... all what they need. I like how you are picking up low and aimed shots from the defense. Again needed. The forwards needed the pressure on the hips and drive out and shoot, also what is needed.

    Good reports all around. Keep it up Jamie.

    Thanks, Joe

    Hi Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that kolton made the AA team this year and is doing awesome! Kyle is also playing in net for A/AA minor atom this year and is an ap for the AAA team. My boys have always enjoyed their time with you on the ice over the years and we have always felt you take the time to get to know each and every player you work with. You have made a lasting impression on our boys and just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated it.

    The Mooney's

    Hi Jamie, We just wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of our daughter, Megan! She attended your hockey clinic last week and loved every minute of it! In fact, she has asked us to sign her up for any of your future clinics that she can attend. That says a lot!!! For a 12 year old girl that plays hockey at the highest level in her age group, and as well as playing soccer at the highest level to want to use her only free night to attend one of your camps each week is a real feather in your cap!! You should be very proud of the fact that she constantly raves about your positive teaching techniques that keep the learning fun, but also about your ability to keep her pushing herself to be better. As a parent, what more can we ask for? As far a her skill development, we have already noticed a great improvement in her stick skills and puck protection. Another thing we appreciate as parents is when we come to pick her up or drop her off you are always there to greet us with a smile an always take the time to speak with everyone coming and going (even if they aren't involved in the camp). We truly appreciate your commitment, not just to Megan but to all the kids. We can tell you genuinely care. I watched a couple of your sessions and I appreciate that you also correct the kids as they try to progress through the skills you're teaching at the time. You don't just teach them and stand there, you reinforce what you just taught. You treat each child equally and try to spend time with them all no matter the skill level or age!!!

    Thanks for doing what you do with the passion I hope will rub off on my daughter!!

    Troy and Jen Fergusson

    I have been a longtime coach and goalie trainer/instructor and when my son needed to work with someone different I looked to Jamie Israel and Kyle Knectell to provide him with some additional goalie instruction; agility training and conditioning. As a father and coach it is sometimes difficult to get the full attention and effort from your son when you are on the ice. Jamie and Kyle did an excellent job challenging Mason each ice session and getting him to work harder on the ice; more so than I have seen him work before. Jamie and Kyle both bring a positive energy on and off the ice surface and it translates to the kids as having fun but working hard and learning. The goalie training program provides 1:1 instruction with drills that emphasis current goalie positioning and repetitive movement to solidify correct muscle movement and reactions. I truly appreciate the work that Jamie & Kyle's training group did with Mason this summer and I am looking forward to him performing at his best throughout the 2011/12 hockey season.

    Best wishes
    Robin Cumming

    I have 3 children who are all involved with high level hockey and over the years have been enrolled in a wide variety of programs. Over the past 3 years my youngest son has participated in your programs where I have come to know and respect you both on and off the ice. I would like to thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to the sport. The respect you show the participants is one of the many reasons my son requests your camps over the many others offered in our area. Your ability to motivate the kids to perform their best all the while correcting and adjusting anything that is necessary is truly admirable. The kids are never made to feel inferior or centered out, but shown how to improve on either a new skill or an existing ability in such a way that they understand both why and how to complete the task. Your programs and teaching style have helped my son gain confidence in his on ice skills which is apparent come game time. I appreciate the time and effort taken to achieve such positive results and look forward to your next sessions.

    George Silveira

    I wanted to let you know that our son made the AA team!!!!!!!!! Final tryout was tonight. We are so happy for him, and so proud of him – he's worked for this for a long time! Thank you so much for all of the support you've given Sam. He couldn't have made it back to AA without having been exposed to your hockey programs, Jamie and Anna, I was really touched by the interest you took in Sam's bid to make the team this year.

    All the best,


    Jamie, Thank you for spending time out of your busy schedule to meet with all of Woolwich Minor Hockey's coaches. Your presentation on "How To Run An Effective Practice" was very well received. The feedback that I received from the coaches was extremely positive. Everyone appreciated your insight and perspective that you shared from your experience as a player, coach and from years of running development clinics. It was a great opportunity for our coaches to learn from someone with such knowledge and passion for the sport of hockey. Thanks again for spending the time to visit our association and we hope to have you back soon.

    Rob Waters
    VP Coaching
    Woolwich Minor Hockey

    Jamie, Once again, great job on the ice with Ty. Your emphasis on foot speed, lateral movement and gap control is extremely important to a young defense men. The passion and energy that you bring to the ice is second to none!

    Steve Spott
    Head Coach / GM
    Kitchener Rangers (OHL)

    Hi Jamie, My son Joe has been training with you for the past few years. Joe loves the incredible training experience and is looking forward to working with you again this fall.

    For me, it's not just the professional on-ice training that I love, but also the development of a strong character that comes with the level of coaching you provide. Your positive, respectful attitude toward all players is often something we reflect on when discussing hockey. It's all part and parcel of being a good player, a great teammate and learning about and developing personal goals. Your training covers both the mental and physical part of the game which fosters growth as a player and as a teammate – I just wanted to thank you for that. After all these years of Joe working with you, I'm not sure I've ever told you, and think it's about time!

    Carol Zuccato

    "I just want to say thank you to Jamie and his team for providing a challenging and more importantly fun environment for my 5 year old son Nolan last week. As my son is only 5, I stayed for the majority of the camp and saw first hand the top notch training which was provided. I coach myself and was very impressed with the organization, minimal downtime between drills and empahsis on skating, balance and puck control. Great Job!"

    Greg Shaw

    My son, Mitchell, attented a hockey camp instructed by Jamie Israel this summer. He only started hockey last year (age 10), so the time that Jamie spent with him improved his skill level and increased his confidence. Jamie's instruction method was based around Mitchell's ability so that my son was pushed to his unique limits. Mitchell can not wait to attend camp again next year!"

    "I learned to do backwards crossovers - I never thought I would be able to. Thanks Jamie!"

    Madonna Quirk

    `Jamie helped me improve my skating by showing me what I could do better. Also he selected a series of high tempo drills that targeted my flaws while working on my release, my shot and my transition game.`

    J-M Rizk, Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks

    Jason and I just wanted to extend a personal thank you for running such a fun and safe summer camp. Bryce had a great time and looked forward to going back the next day. He mentioned it was his best camp all summer. He was surprised to know as many kids as he did, as was I.

    The drive from our home / work to New Hamburg was most reasonable. Facilities were great, clean and the access for viewing our child was perfect. And most importantly, the leaders/instructors/coaches were absolutely amazing for the times I was able to watch them. They were very interactive with the children ... helping them tie skates/get dressed, encouraging, fun and helpful on the ice/off ice, and they kept the kids under control. We thank you for that. Thanks again

    Carole Patterson