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Head On-Ice Instructor

Ben continues to teach the game of hockey after his Junior and European playing career, as well as his officiating career at the Junior level. "Skating was always my most valuable asset as a player and I learned at a young age that repetition and constant effort would allow me to reach my full potential. Since retiring from playing, I have the desire to give back to the game that gave me so much by teaching the importance of strong skating and proper mechanics in all aspects of the game. I understand that every player is different and feel that the importance of detailed instruction and constant feedback is crucial for each player to improve everytime they step on the ice. My ability to connect to the players creates a very friendly and understanding environment, and most importantly allows us all to have fun".

Ben Gingerich

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Ben started his love for hockey in New Hamburg Minor Hockey in his younger years. He was Captain of 2 OMHA and International Silver Stick Championship teams in New Hamburg. Then followed his career through the following teams: (Junior Teams) 5 years Jr. B with Listowel Cyclones and Kitchener Dutchmen, (Pro Team) 1 season in German Landisliga and 1 season in Austrian Nationalliga. Ben was also Head Coach of Conestoga College Varsity Team - 1 season.